2023-2024 Game Play Rules

Updated 10/4/2023

1. All rules will follow the MIAA rules with the exceptions as noted below.

2. Players are only allowed to be on one roster and play for one team.

3. Each team will carry no more than a maximum of 15 players & a minimum of 10 players. All players must be on their club roster before the first League game is played, with roster available to the league. Every head coach will obtain and carry to all games 1) a birth certificate copy, proof of residency within the Club District (school report card or other), and a signed copy of the Conduct and Sportsmanship document for each player on the team, as well as a dated copy of the team roster; and 2) a signed copy of the Coaches Code of Conduct, and copies of these Rules and any league-issued game play memos. (Revised 2022-2023 to restore proof of age & residence]

4. All coaches must complete a CORI each season.

5. Each team is allowed two coaches on their bench. No coaching is to be done from behind the scorer''s table and all coaches must stay within the confines of the coach's box. Only head coach is allowed to stand during the game.

6. Player team eligibility is established by currently enrolled school grade and residency within the town or club district. The maximum age for each grade level for the 2023-24 season for both boys and girls is determined as follows: 8th grade--must be born after 8/31/08; 7th--born after 8/31/09; 6th--born after 8/31/10; 5th--born after 8/31/11; 4th--born after 8/31/12. Overage players, or any others, may play up a grade or more. No player may play down a grade regardless of age. Anything else constitutes an exception which must be applied for and approved by the League or Executive Board before the first game of the season.

7. In order to be eligible to participate in the Playoffs, a player must have played in 50% of the games during the regular season. The exception would be injuries or illness, which must be reported to the League Executive Board at the time of occurrence and noted prior to playing in the playoffs.

8. Games will be forfeited if five players are not dressed and ready to play within ten minutes of the official tip-off, unless prior arrangements have been made.

9. Unless weather related, a game will become a forfeit by the violating team for any other reason than the safety of those families traveling.  An insufficient number of players available under current public health guidelines will be considered cause for postponement rather than forfeit.  The League's Executive Board will ultimately decide the outcome of the game. (Revised 2021-22)

10. All games will consist of two 20-minute halves running time, except for foul shots, timeouts and the last two minutes of each half. Foul shots are stop time on the first attempt and on the second shot, the clock is to start once the shooter has been handed the ball. One & one clock stops on foul and is started if player misses first shot, If first shot made then it is once the shooter has been handed the ball for second shot. (Revised 2002-2003) EXCEPT IN LAST TWO MINUTES>

11. Overtime periods will be 2 minutes stop time with one timeout. No carryover timeouts from the regulation play will exist.

12. One and one foul shots awarded on the 7th team foul per half...two shots on the 10th team foul per half, which is also carried over into the overtime periods.

13. A technical is a personal & a team foul.

14. MIAA foul line rule change, 2008-2009 will be enforced. Only 2 offensive players and 4 defensive players will be allowed to occupy lane spaces. The spaces closest to the basket will remain vacant.  Also, NFHS rule 9-1-4g--" A player occupying a marked lane space ...may enter the lane on the release of the ball by the free throw shooter"--which has been adopted by the MIAA for the 2014-15 season will be observed.

15. Five fouls on a player results in disqualification from that game. Any technical foul on a team's head coach or assistant coaches results in the coach of that team having to sit for the rest of the game. All technicals must be reported to the league within 24 hrs to nausethoop@hotmail.com. Two technical fouls in or any ejection from a game by a player or coach results in an automatic one game suspension for that individual for the next game. The league must be notified as above and the rule self-enforced—a player or coach ejected from the first game of the weekend must sit out the next game. The penalty for failure to do so is a three game suspension. A second double-technical in the same or consecutive seasons will result in a two game suspension. Any player or coach who continues to accumulate technicals or ejections over the course of one or more seasons is on notice for further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Executive Board including multiple-game suspensions, suspension for the remainder of the season, or removal from the league. (Revised 2019-20)

16. Players and coaches can call timeouts. A total of two timeouts per each half, with none carrying over to the next period of play. (60 second time outs !!)

17. Back court defense or pressing will not be allowed with a 20-point lead. Neither team will be allowed to press until the lead drops below 20 points. See *Note.  (Revised and Note added 2015-16)

18. The home team is responsible for paying two IAABO patched officials per game, having one official scorer, and one timekeeper, as well as a Site Director for every game who is not the coach of the game at hand. There must be a copy of the current CCYBL Rules and any game-play memos at the Scorer's Table and it is the responsibility of the home club and Site Director to assure that the assigned game officials are familiar with our rules. (Revised 10/16). No Exceptions

19. The ten-second backcourt rule is in effect for all grades, both boys and girls, as a result of no shot clock.

20. 4th, 5th,6th grade boys and 5th,6th, 7th, 8th grade girls will use a 28.5" basketball.

21. 4th, 5th grade boys and 5th, 6th grade girls will play man to man defense only. Double-teaming is allowed only on the ball and only inside the three point arc.  All defensive restrictions including zones and back-court defense are lifted for the last two minutes of each half and all overtimes.  See *Note.

22. 4th, 5th grade boys and 5th, 6th grade girl's may not play defense in the back court until the last two minutes of each half and any overtime periods.  See *Note. (Rules 21 & 22 revised 2015-16)

23. All Players must have shirts tucked in at all times !!!    

24. In the rare event of only four players remaining after foul outs, a team can continue with their last player to foul out staying in. However, any subsequent fouls by that player will result in two free throws and possession of the ball by the other team.

*Note: Violation of rules 17, 21, & 22 will result in a warning to the offending team by the referees.  After two warnings for violation of each rule a penalty free throw will be awarded the offended team for each subsequent violation and play will resume by in-bounding the ball at point of interruption.